Sarcophagus with Dionysiac scenes

Inv. Scu 1884

Sarcophagus in Pentelic marble decorated with a Dionysiac procession (thiasos) carved on three sides.
The theme of the sarcophagus front, enclosed by elegant borders with vegetal patterns, consists in a Dionysiac procession (thiasos), albeit without Dionysus, usually represented in the centre of the composition.
Groups of Satyrs and half-naked Maenads are dancing ecstatically while picking bunches of grapes from the vine above.
In the background, at their feet, are cupids and small animals.
The figures occupy the entire space available in the figurative register: Maenads and Satyrs intertwine their soft bodies, dancing in the ecstasy of the movement, while the draperies enhance the sensuality of the bodies instead of covering them.

The revel, continues on the left side of the sarcophagus which, however, is only partly preserved.

The sarcophagus can be dated around 230-240 AD.

The sarcophagus was formerly displayed in the convent of S. Maria della Concezione in Campo Marzio and was purchased for the Capitoline Museums in 1812.