All the museum objects (and, in the near future, the monuments) described on this platform are fitted with NFC tags which give our visitors much more (multilingual) information than normal cardboard/acrylic stands. Visitors can access the object description by simply using their phones’ NFC antenna to stimulate and detect the signal of the NFC tag (the size of a smart card) attached to the object.

As to the tags used, we use exclusively tags according to the NFC Forum specification, which can be read (without any software installation) by most mid- and high-end smartphones.

As a result, visitors have instant access to about 300 museum descriptions enriched with links, images, and possible queries for similar material, more objects from the same finding spots and more (see System).

The idea for the use of NFC tags,
and the execution of the NFC system
was made possible by the collaboration with Samsung Electronics Italia.

Here is a short depliant: Download.