This site is part of the ongoing project of the U.O. Musei Archeologici e Polo Grande Campidoglio – Direzione Musei, Sovraintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, to further the understanding of the city’s cultural heritage and to enhance the knowledge of its monuments and the material collected in its museums.

It is also a way to open new possibilities of interaction for the visitor insofar as the information presented can be accessed by modern smartphones equipped with NFC readers (see NFC).

The Roman topography is explained by adding maps to every object or monument of which we know the original finding spot and the thematic context is explained by adding links to Wikipedia articles (sometimes written by ourselves). We further give the visitors – at home or inside the museum – the possibility to see all objects grouped by finding spot, theme, dating or actual collocation (see System).

We have also added the possibility to see all finding spots on the Google Earth platform for desktop and smartphones alike (see KML).

Happy exploring!

The idea for the use of NFC tags,
and the execution of the NFC system
was made possible by the collaboration with Samsung Electronics Italia.