Fragmentary relief with parts of a chariot

Inv. Scu 2004

A horse with its front legs raised, strutting to the right, appears in the relief’s foreground. The details of the muzzle, mane and of the tense muscles of the abdomen are carefully carved and convey an effect of great refinement.

Of the horse on the left, only part of the front legs can be perceived under the abdomen of the other horse in the foreground. On the right, above the wagon wheel, part of the billowing drapery of the Auriga (charioteer) is visible.

The relief inv. n° Scu 2823, belonged to the same slab.

This marble, which was found near Via Principe Amedeo, on the Esquiline hill, is a copy of the Augustan period (27 BC-14 AD), taken from an original of the 4th century BC.