Male Portrait

Inv. Scu 849

The head, whose proportions exceed reality, depicts a bearded middle-aged man from a frontal position. Made of Parian marble, the work represents Clodius Albinus, a military leader and Roman governor of Britain.

In the time of the Civil Wars that troubled Rome at the end of the second century A.D., Clodius fought on the side of Septimus Severus and shared a consulship with him in 194 A.D. Eventually the desire for power ended this relationship and each man fought to be sole emperor.
In 197 A.D., Clodius was defeated and killed at the battle of Lugdunum.

His abundant and wavy hair was created through careful drill work, as was his beard. His eyebrows are incised, as are the age lines on his forehead.

This work is an good example of Roman portraiture at the end of the second century A.D. The work was found near the Church of San Vito.