Strigilated sarcophagus

Inv. Scu 821

This sarcophagus, of the so-called lenòs type (i.e.: in the shape of a tub), is decorated on the front by two series of spiralled fluting patterns converging towards the centre, where, in the upper half, they form a wide, plain, undecorated oval space (a “mandorla”).

These are flanked by the two figures of the deceased spouses, represented in front of a curtain. The woman appears on the left, dressed in tunic and cloak, wearing two high boots on her feet. The man appears on the right, wearing a pallium (cloak) that leaves his chest and right shoulder uncovered.

Part of the right arm with the hand are now lost, while the left hand holds up the cloak. The volumina (books), rolled up and bound together, lie at his feet. In the two oval-shaped sides of the sarcophagus, two hexagonal shields are carved in very low relief.

The work belongs to the 3rd century AD.