Statue in Armor

Inv. Scu 719

This statue, which is sometimes been misidentified as a portrait of Alexander the Great, shows a Roman man in an ornate military garb.

On his head he wears a helmet distinguished by its high crest (lophos). The helmet is decorated with palmette (artistic motif based upon the shape of palm leaves) and tritons; the crest is supported by a sphinx.

The figure also wears a breastplate decorated with griffins, a skirt of leather strips called a pteryges, a short tunic, and a cloak which hangs from his right shoulder.

The weight of the statue rests upon its right left, as if he has just stepped forward. The right arm is raised and originally held a spear.

The precise date of the work is unknown: scholars date it to either the Flavian or Trajanic periods (90-100 d.C.).