Ideal female head

Inv. Scu 10

The colossal head is a copy made to replace the original that can no longer be displayed due to conservation issues; it was mounted with the original neck in a modern bust and also shows numerous modern interventions.

It is known as Lucrezia in the Capitoline catalogues.

The oval face, which narrows towards the bottom, has been considerably smoothed and lowered in its bottom half; furthermore, the eyebrows, the profile of the nose and the shape of the mouth betray important modern interventions. The wavy hair is flattened to follow the shape of the skull, almost without volume, and then gathered on the neck, leaving the ears visible. The head is wreathed with a thin band.

The hair on the forehead, which opens to either side of the central partition, seems to have been significantly reworked in modern times; on the contrary, the locks on the back did not undergo major modern interventions and fall in a soft braid originally held by a fastener which is now lost.

The colossal size excludes that it was a private portrait and rather suggests the association with an ideal female statue dating to the early Imperial period and inspired by classic works.