Female Statue

Inv. Scu 641

The figure has been restored as if it represented a Muse, with the addition of a theatre mask in her left hand and a flute in her right.

These integrations are not good additions at all: the type of drapery, not suited to the depiction of a Muse, rather suggests the identification with Hera. It is not clear whether the head, albeit ancient, belongs to this statue.

The woman wears a chiton with elbow-length sleeves and very light folds that cling to the shape of her body. A short himation (cloak) is at her waist, creating with its roll a chiaroscuro movement and effect of greater pliability. She is wearing leather boots.

The work is an early Imperial copy (10-50 AD) of a 4th century BC original and it was probably found in Rome.