Female herm

Inv. Scu 1095

This herm has to be related to three other herms (see Scu 1076, 1096, 1100): the four herms together form two pairs that probably were placed on a gate as a decoration.

The head is in sculptured in the manner of the korai of Acropolis of Athens. The hair is gathered around the head with a braid in the archaic style and a crown of palmettes intertwined with lotus buds. Then the hair falls onto the shoulders in two thick braids.

The herm wears an under-chiton and a Doric chiton with kolpos (a swelling of the chiton above the waist) that falls in broad, long folds. The left arm was probably lowered, while perhaps the right one held a patera.

Part of the right arm from the elbow and part of the left arm, broken just below the shoulder, are missing.

The neo-Attic style suggests to date this piece, which was found on the Esquiline hill, within the first Roman Imperial age.